Our fuel additives contain oil-soluble organometallic compounds of iron and other materials, is completely soluble in fuel oils and is added directly to fuel in storage. It can be used in cars, motorcycles, trucks, trains, industrial facilities, etc. It has been used for approximately thirty years by railroads, military, hospitals, power generating stations / utility companies, fuel marketers (e.g. home heating oil), manufacturing facilities and others.

There are a few key benefits of our fuel additives:

  1. Increases fuel efficiency. The fuel additive provides for a more complete combustion process so that more energy can be extracted from the fuel. Depending on specific application, fuel efficiency has increased from 5% to more than 10%.
  2. Stabilizes fuel. The chemical composition of fuel oil begins to change after it is refined and results in larger particles, which forms sludge that first impacts oil filters and injectors, and ultimately makes the fuel less efficient or unusable. The fuel additive helps to disperse sludge and retards the chemical process which leads to the large particles, which further enables fuel to be combusted efficiently.
  3. Decreases pollution. Since fuel is combusted more efficiently, there is reduced carbon, soot/ash and smoke associated with burning fuel. In tests, the additive decreased combustible carbon residue between 60% to 90%.
  4. Inhibits corrosion. The fuel additive helps to mitigate fuel tank corrosion and helps keep fuel lines, filters and other parts clean. This results in more efficient fuel combustion but also results in less maintenance or part replacement.

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